optimoo active


Presenting Optimoo Active, a mobile client developed in collaboration with our client for the integrated HR system, Optimoo. This system empowers managers and team leaders to efficiently manage various HR processes, including working time tracking, holiday management, and performance assessments, tailored to the needs of small and middle-sized companies.

With a mobile-first approach, Optimoo Active complements the web client, providing convenient access to HR management tasks from anywhere. APPFORTE and the client worked closely together, investing significant effort in discussions and planning to design a feature-rich app that meets the specific requirements of modern HR management.

Beyond the obvious advantage of staying connected with the team on the go, Optimoo Active leverages mobile-specific functionalities, such as location services, camera, and microphone, to  record rich data with ease.

We proudly present Optimoo Active, a successful outcome of innovation and collaboration.


Flutter, REST API, Realm