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This is an app for the workers of a forestry company, developed together with Newmark Ltd. It was designed to closely resemble the tools and processes that the workers were accustomed to. This approach ensures a smooth transition and minimizes any learning curve, empowering workers to adapt quickly and effortlessly to the new digital solution.

With the app, users can easily record all the data they require while out in the field. The app provides a familiar interface, allowing them to log information with ease, ranging from tree measurements and inventory to work progress and environmental observations. The necessary documentation is generated directly within the app, saving time and reducing errors.

Connectivity can be a challenge in remote forest areas, hence offline operation is a must. Workers can continue their tasks and input data into the app even without an internet connection. Once connectivity is restored, the app seamlessly syncs the offline data with the backend system, ensuring that no information is lost and aligning with the established processes of large forestry companies.

APPFORTE took on the responsibility of designing mobile specific solutions for the special requirements. The developers worked closely with the rest of the project team to deliver an app that fits the needs of the client.