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Our latest project is a mobile app designed for indoor bouldering event organizers and participants. With our app, climbers can easily find upcoming events and register for them. During the events, climbers have access to a live scoreboard that lists the routes’ difficulty levels, along with stats like the number of tops and flashes.

Climbers can mark the routes they complete, specifying whether they did it in one try (flashed) or with multiple attempts. Real-time scoring and rankings keep everyone updated on their progress throughout the competition.

Our app also provides some useful features for both climbers and organizers. Climbers can conveniently open the gym’s address in their preferred navigation app. The scoreboard can be filtered by difficulty, helping climbers focus on routes that match their skill level.

For organizers, the app streamlines event management by automatically summarizing and displaying the current standings for each category. We’ve also implemented anomaly detection to help organizers spot any unusual cases during the event.

APPFORTE has been responsible for the concept, design and entire app development, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience for climbers and organizers alike.


Flutter, Firebase, REST API



himo – health in motion


Introducing HIMO, a software designed to revolutionize the physiotherapy experience for children with flat foot. Understanding the difficulties of  parents and therapists, HIMO combines physiotherapy exercises with the excitement of video games, making the therapeutic process enjoyable and effective.

At the core of HIMO is its integration of therapeutic exercises with captivating video games. By analyzing the video stream, the mobile app intelligently detects and guides children through the prescribed exercises. HIMO app can function independently, allowing users to follow a set sequence of exercises, with the app providing audio feedback on correct execution.

For a truly immersive experience, the HIMO app can also be connected to a specially designed video game. In this mode, the app sends control signals for every correctly executed exercise, creating a seamless connection between physical therapy and gaming.

The video game within HIMO is carefully tailored to meet the specific needs of the aimed use case. It strikes the perfect balance between simplicity and engagement, while fits to the slower movements of the feet (comparing with the hands). Instead of punishing players, the game rewards their efforts, motivating them to continue with their exercises.

The heart of HIMO lies in its ability to transform physiotherapy from a mundane activity into a delightful adventure. By merging playfulness with therapeutic exercises, we have crafted an experience that not only captures children’s imaginations but also accelerates their progress towards improved foot health.

This project has received funding from DIGI-B-CUBE voucher framework which has been supported by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 824920.


Swift, Apple Core Image, BLE


HIMO website

iOS app

score smart


An easy-to-use app that brings the thrill of football tipping competitions to your fingertips. Whether it’s the Champions League, World Cup, or any other currently running championship, Score Smart lets you challenge your friends and showcase your football knowledge by predicting match results.

Users can either join an existing group or create a new one, tailoring the competition to their preferences. Each group boasts its unique rules, point system, and ranking, allowing participants to customize the experience to suit their tipping style.

Unlike gambling apps, Score Smart focuses on fostering friendly competition and camaraderie among friends. While the stakes are high in terms of bragging rights, the app ensures that only kudos are won. The joy of outsmarting your friends and topping the leaderboard is the ultimate reward.

New features are continuously added.